Most of my software projects are the property of my employers and the code is not publicly visible. Many are described on my career page. Here are a few interesting ones where the source is public:

Home Automation / Sprinkler Control

Coupled with some of my electronics projects, this allows me to control sprinkler valves. Eventually it will support adjusting the frequency and duration of watering times based on precipitation and temperature.

NTFS Punch Linux Kernel Module

This kernel module allows Netkine to mount a disk image file residing on an NTFS filesystem that wasn't cleanly unmounted. When you hibernate Windows, or use "fast boot," Windows doesn't do a full flush and unmount of the filesystem. As a result, none of the Linux filesystem drivers will mount it read-write (as they shouldn't.) However, if the file you care about is a disk image, and has been fully allocated (not sparse) and wasn't being written to on the windows side (or you ensure you flush it before shutting down/hibernating) then the blocks on the disk are actually "safe." This kernel module will expose those blocks on the disk as another "virtual" block device that can be mounted read-write. Typically this file would contain a nested filesystem, such as ext4.

Los Altos High School District

This data shows the approximate high school district boundaries for Los Altos High School. This was generated in google earth, exported as a KMZ, which can then be embedded on a web site using Googles APIs. Now why don't the school districts make this information easily available?

Cambrian School District API Scores

This data is a little old, but shows the approximate elementary school district boundaries in the Cambrian area and their API scores from a few years ago.