Garage Expansion

As you may have noticed, I love to work on cars. Nothing is more frustrating than having your long term project car sit outside and have rodents destroy the electrical. (Been there, done that.) Our house had a 3 car garage, and with some clever re-engineering of the roof structure, we were able to accommodate two 4-post lifts for storage, and a single 2-post lift for working on the projects.

Wine Cellar

We like to collect wine, and had grown tired of the growing collection of wine fridges filling the dining room. We decided to build a cellar, and go down to do so. I personally designed a ~2000 bottle capacity basement wine cellar which we built under our house. We use a mix of metal and wood racking, with granite counters, and used wine oak barrel staves as a false ceiling to add to the aesthetic.

Curb-less Master bath

This was the first major home construction project I did from start to finish myself. In our prior house, the previous owner had taken the already small master bathroom and cluttered it up with a large counter and wall to isolate the shower. We wanted a more open feel so I gutted it, replaced the floor joists so we could drop them down to water proof the whole thing, and maximized the space by making it into an open curb-less shower.