1974 Chevy Blazer with a 1995 Camaro LT1 engine

As purchased (no mods yet) Truck from side

Pictures: most people want to get right to the pics. Click on any of the phases below to see pictures of that portion of the project. The most recent ones are at the top.

This project is being tackled in a number of phases, each of which is outlined below in reverse order

Current Status: In August of 2005 I overheated the engine while climbing a steep grade behind folks driving way too slow (10mph) with no turnouts to pull over in. By the time I hit the top, it was too late, and the head gaskets had fried. (It's those darn aluminum heads on a cast iron block... very easy to fry the gasket if you overheat) Check out the top-end rebuild.

I'm in the process of installing On Board air so I can air up my tires, and run air power tools. Check out the details at my On board air page.

Primary Stats:

Phase 3: Exterior

Phase 2: Interior (and minor drive train clean up)

Phase 1: Drive train

Everything is getting replaced, and I mean everything. Phase 1 was started on 08/23/2000 after much research, and is complete. Total cost was roughly $10,000.

Phase 0: Acquisition

The truck was purchased in Sacramento CA on 08/03/2000. The engine blew about 30 minutes after I started to drive home. Dohp! Oh well, I have much larger plans for the truck anyway. The engine floated a valve in Galt on 99 south, roughly 30 minutes away from where I bought it. It was towed to the bay area the next day on a flat bed. I had hoped to drive it for a few months before starting phase 1, but the engine problems stepped up the schedule. The failure probably could be fixed for a minimal cost but I'd rather not pour money into drive train parts that I don't intend to keep.

As purchased the truck had a 4" suspension lift, 3" body lift, and 39" tires that rubbed. The body lift and tires were removed immediately.

As purchased (no mods yet) With body lift Without body lift

..and now
Truck from side
Keep in mind I haven't gotton to the exterior aesthetics yet... That's phase 3, which probably wont start until spring or summer of 2001. I'm focusing on the drive-train and interior first.

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