So much for retirement  . . . . .
    Spurred on by the decision to return to Good Sam and resume hospital practice we quickly decided to get one last traveling fling in. We had been thinking about a trip to Borneo for years and the timing seemed perfect. In fact we had been planning this trip for so long that we had to go out and purchase a new and current Lonely Planet guide. Our goal was to focus on parks and wildlife both on land and in the sea. Singapore was a bookend destination at the beginning and end of the trip and the only place we made advance reservations at. We flew on Singapore Air--our current favorite. Most of the passengers were Asian and the choices in food and entertainment were pleasing to everyone.  Everyone, that is, except a 2 year old girl, who was traveling with her mother to visit grandparents in India. This was her first plane trip and her first separation from her father. She cried, make that screamed, for the better part of this 19 hour flight. We felt sorry for her, but even more so for her mother, who was endlessly patient and attentive and held her most of the flight in her effort to console and comfort an inconsolable child. With each passing hour our respect and admiration for this mother grew.
    Singapore is an amazingly clean, safe, beautiful, and modern city and centrally located in Asia. We stayed this time at the Hangout Hotel. It is centrally located, atop Mt Emily, with a great little restaurant on the first floor, free internet, clean rooms, great views and friendly staff. Our first destination on Borneo was Kuching and we made reservations at the Singahsana Lodge, a back-packers destination, which was also centrally located with a terrific staff.
    Best Restaurant in Kuching: The Top Spot--a massive collection of seafood eateries where you pick out your own fish and they cook it for you plus any vegetables you want. Want fresh “jungle greens”?  They have it. The place was packed every night.
2009 Borneo Adventure