Fried Rice Odyssey

Looking east across the Pacific

At fifty-plus years, we weren't getting any we decided to have a great adventure, an odyssey lasting six months, through south-east Asia and beyond. We'll sample the "fried rice" of every country we visit and share the beauty of the people and places we see with you on line. As we journey, not only will we enjoy the natural wonders, but we'll be especially interested in the people we meet. The people are, after all, what the culture and country are all about.
The preparation to leave for six months was challenging. First, work and household were accounted for. Next, we packed our two "duffle-bags-on-wheels" and two backpacks. Our clothing choices: synthetic blends to dry quickly in the tropics, and as few items as possible. Included were some light weight sneakers, sandals, snorkel equipment, tour books, a couple of novels, cameras and a first aid kit. And speaking of first aid....
We don't expect any major problems, but lets face it, at our age, you have to be ready for anything. So, we've devoted significant backpack space to our first aid kit. Malarone and Mefloquine for malaria.. Antifungals, antihistamines, antiemetics and many more. So, with all of that, off we go on our Fried Rice Odyssey!
Destinations 9/22/01-3/23/02

Hong Kong (9/22-9/26)

Vietnam (9/26-10/22)

Cambodia (11/13-11/17)

Thailand (10/22-11/21)

Bali  (11/21-12/19 and 2/25-3/22)

Australia (12/19-1/26)

Singapore (1/26-2/2)

Nusa Tenggara (2/7-2/25)

Final Thoughts